Magnorum Group

The Opportunity

Preservation and Growth

The Magnorum Group is growing via organic growth with existing operations, and acquisitions of, or mergers with, other companies that demonstrate a solid strategic fit.

Many industries, in particular the construction sector, are populated by small to mid-market private companies, family owned or with limited ownership structures. Often there is no defined succession plan or no alternative to an auction of assets. There may be reputable candidates with competitive advantages and strong cash flow that may benefit from a structured transition to The Magnorum Group.

We are interested in helping owners of companies preserve and protect what they’ve worked hard to develop, capitalize on the equity that has been built up in their companies over the years, and provide opportunity to build on the value of their brand.

The goal is to preserve and grow, not dismantle and sell off assets. The most successful transitions are those that maintain both management personnel and key field staff, as they know best how to run the company and service clients. Usually the name of the company is maintained because owners have worked hard to create awareness about the company and the values it was built on. The operating companies within the group are the ones that find and complete the work, and it is those companies that are promoted in the marketplace. The Magnorum Group simply brings all the support functions necessary to allow the company to do more of the same, or do it more efficiently.

The transition process that we’ve followed in the past is structured to allow outgoing owners to step back from the day to day operations, eliminate the time and frustration that comes with administering a company (accounting, legal, banking, etc.) and focus energies on maximizing cash flow and their subsequent buyout arrangements.

The Magnorum Group does not try to force a specific structure or framework to every potential opportunity. Nor does it intend to limit itself by way of industry or geography. The group will talk with any interested party if they own a solid business, share some common values, and have a solid idea of what constitutes a successful ownership transition for them.

Any interested parties should call:

Lorne Schnell, President
The Magnorum Group
Office: (306) 924-1065