Magnorum Group

About Us

The values and structure that power our people and operations.

The Magnorum Group is a consortium of construction and construction-related companies headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan. The Companies owned by the group possess a diverse base of expertise in a variety of construction sectors including:

  • Heavy civil earthworks
  • Potash minesite development and maintenance
  • Industrial and commercial construction
  • Bridge design, new builds or replacement, and ongoing maintenance and repair

The Magnorum Group also purchased a small minority stake in a safety technology company called SafetyScan. This company owns a ground-breaking eye-scanning technology to assess fitness for duty for employees on safety-sensitive work sites.

The most recent addition to the family of companies is a partnership with the English River First Nation Band in Saskatchewan. The partnership is called Neetah Construction, meaning “because of the earth” in the Dene language. This company was created to provide heavy civil contracting services in the highway maintenance and mining sectors. The growth of this company will provide considerable opportunity for indigenous people at all levels of the organization.

Magnorum Management Group Ltd. owns the operating entities, and provides all financial, banking, human resources, legal and administrative support. The current ownership structure is as follows:

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The Magnorum Group was built on solid family values and involvement, and continues to operate today under this same belief system. The core values that guide the group are:

  1. Relationships
  2. Empowerment
  3. Honesty and Integrity
  4. Safety

Throughout the years we have been committed to client satisfaction in all aspects of our operations. That starts with a commitment to our own employees, a commitment to be fair and consistent across all of our operating companies, and provide a safe working environment at all times.

Test Company Structure and Support

All of the operations are supported by a dedicated team of professionals at Magnorum Management Group Ltd. The staff has years of proven industry specific expertise and provide all resources required for financial management, human resources, payroll, legal, banking and accounting, safety, IT and all related administration. Head office has been structured to provide all the support necessary to allow the operating companies to simply focus on the work on hand and deliver a quality experience to clients.

Head office functions are currently structured as follows:

President, Lorne Schnell and Chief Executive Officer, Marty Willfong, work together as co-owners on strategic initiatives, overall company structure, and decisions on senior management. With the structure and senior management team set, their main focus is developing growth initiatives and seeking out potential partners who would benefit from joining the family of companies.